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Next Mini-Tour with GFR

GewoonFucking RaggenTour

This is happening. Here are the details for the first show:

More will follow.




End of Tour

Tour is over now. Thanks to everyone who helped out, came to the shows, bought stuff, traded stuff, whatever. Special thanks to the promoters and people who put us up for the night and our tour partners Witches Brew and Grinder Bueno.

We recorded a lot of new material yesterday so new releases will be coming soon, as well as our 7″ split with Kadaverficker which is already well underway.

Cheers for Mike and all of The Seeker for helping put on this show in Milano; it was a good one. More updates to follow regarding the new releases.


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Merch Update and Event Page


Updated Tour Poster with event page:

First date is:

2015-05-12 21.08.28 2015-05-12 21.05.27
Shirts and jumpers/sweatshirts we have for sale.
2015-05-12 21.10.35 2015-05-12 21.10.27
Hoodies, with back print only.
2015-05-12 23.25.312015-05-13 00.57.16
New split tape featuring us, Noll IQ, Witches Brew and Project Mess.
2015-05-12 23.25.47 2015-05-13 00.57.37
Other new split tape featuring us, Topper Harley, Stanley_Ipkiss and Lovgun.

If you want any of the stuff listed here, write: or come to any or all of the shows. You can also visit the Vleesklak Records site for this and other distro stuff.